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The designer approach to your stair case

What can INSITU offer for my staircase design?

Specifying Insitu precast concrete stair treads on your next project assures that you will have the most durable concrete stair tread available.

Because Insitu manufactures to suit your requirements, we are capable of producing custom designs allowing for manufacture of unique design stair treads to meet your specific project needs. From a comprehensive range of colours, finishes, edges and sizes we can produce and deliver a concrete stair tread capable of achieving the desired designer look with the practical safe and non-skid hard wearing surface and all whilst providing this at a cost effective price.

Insitu offers a full range of options to suit your stair design including polished, brushed, bush hammered and aggregate finishes. Either open or closed risers and plain or bull nosed edges, our precast concrete stair treads by Insitu are designed to bolt-on to wood stringers or weld or bolt to steel stringers. Long lasting concrete won’t rust or rot making concrete stair treads the perfect choice for strength, practicality and low maintenance durability.

The beauty of choosing concrete stair treads means a continuum in your floor designs across all levels if you are opting for polished concrete floors. In fact, consider Insitu for all your concrete flooring needs. We will happily work with your builder to discuss your stair tread specifications for your new construction or retrofit plan.

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