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INSITU specialises in applied finishes for major flooring projects

What Applied Finishes do Insitu use and what does it all mean?

Insitu are specialists in applied finishes having completed many major flooring projects. Such projects include The Palms Shopping Centre, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Northlands Mall, The Triangle Centre and The Christchurch Gondola.

Insitu are authorised installers and users of the following Applied Finishes:

  • Architectural Terrazzite / Terrazzo
  • Terra Tuff
  • Terra Flake
  • Traxite
  • Acid Stain

ARCHITECTURAL TERRAZZITE is a resin-based terrazzo flooring product, designed to recreate the appearance of polished marble floors and is suited to application in areas of pedestrian traffic where appearance, low maintenance and ease of cleaning are all of great importance. The beauty and practicality of Architectural Terrazzite is equalled by its long term durability. Architectural Terrazzite has many advantages such as no grout lines, free form design and customisation, full colour spectrum, a tough sealed surface and is also cost competitive. There are many areas suited to this type of flooring including retail shopping centres and malls, supermarkets, airports, hotels and office foyers, restaurants, residences and apartments.

TERRATUFF is a high build resin coating system suitable for application to a wide variety of substrates including steel and concrete.  Terratuff gives a smooth, glossy finish and has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and petroleum products. It has very good abrasion and scuff resistance with good flow properties to help even out imperfections. Terratuff is also available in slip resistant finish if required.

TERRAFLAKE  is a unique flooring system consisting of an epoxy base coat, blended coloured vinyl flakes and polyurethane finish coats specifically selected to complement each other and form a permanently bonded, resilient, seam-free, durable, hard wearing and attractive floor coating.

Terraflake is a fast setting flake flooring product. The flakes give an attractive checked finish that hides substrate imperfections and is great for concrete floors where a seamless finish is required.

TRAXITE is a resin bound flooring system. It can exhibit colour effects with fine coloured granule aggregates. These aggregates are artificially coloured in a range of bright attractive finishes. Traxite is durable, slip resistant, quick to install and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Traxite is perfect for swimming pool surrounds, patios and steps, conservatories, industrial and commercial floors.

ACID STAIN is in fact a chemical reaction. A mixture of product, colour and acid is applied to the concrete surface causing a chemical reaction with the existing minerals in the concrete, creating new earthy tones on the concrete surface. The surface is then scrubbed and neutralized. Acid staining creates a variegated or mottled appearance that is unique to each application. Acid staining concrete is a specialty art, and therefore should be undertaken by a professional.

Insitu invites you to discuss your project with them to determine which applied finish would be best suited to your circumstances.

Check out our gallery of applied finishes here

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