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Concrete Polishing

INSITU specialises in concrete polishing for interior and exterior floors for all industries.

Why choose polished concrete?

Polished concrete has many advantages. The options are endless for creating a finish to suit your requirements.  Not only is polished concrete aesthetically beautiful, it is incredibly practical and hard wearing with a very long life span.  Being a natural material means concrete will always be in fashion. Fast becoming the material of choice for professionals, it offers versatility with colour choice, decorative and aggregate options and gloss levels plus concrete has an added bonus of being low maintenance and anti-allergenic making it the perfect choice for the family home.  Concrete also is the sustainable choice for those who are environmentally conscious.

At Insitu we can do any type of polished concrete floors. Everything from full exposure aggregates to salt and pepper finishes and everything in between.  We can provide a surface specific to your wishes including super floors and polyurethane flooring and we will discuss your requirements and recommend the suitable application for your needs.

Contact Insitu today for a no obligation consultation to see if polished concrete is right for your project.

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