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Concrete Repairs

Insitu specialise in non-structural and cosmetic concrete repairs.

In Christchurch, we are all too aware that concrete is not indestructible. Cracks or fissures caused by earthquake, accidental impact or heavy loads are a scope of the work carried out by Insitu.

Most concrete will crack to some degree. That’s a fact of concrete. Because of this, sometimes we need to repair cracks. In most instances the concrete repair is not as daunting as you might expect.

Using industry approved products we are able to repair and restore the integrity of concrete slabs, garage floors, driveways, courtyards, residential floors etc. After investigating the damage and establishing the repair objectives, we will choose a method of repair suitable to the specific repair required.  After establishing if the crack is active or dormant, we will determine whether the crack is best left alone, or whether a repair would be effective, as often a fine hairline crack is less obvious left untouched at least until it is deemed to be inactive. Depending on the width and nature of the crack, Insitu will apply the correct product for repairing the concrete, choosing from a range of flexible, elastomer, cement, grout or resin specifically suited to the environment. When fixing cosmetic concrete cracking, we can repair the damage usually with the use of epoxy injection or by routing and sealing. Insitu can also remove concrete bumps, ridges and depressions, expansion or contraction cracks, debris removal and pitting caused by heavy objects dropping on the concrete surface.

Consult with Insitu today to find out whether we can help with your concrete repairs.

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