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Floor Preparation

INSITU can carry out the necessary floor preparations for you – from covers and coating removals through to repairs and grinding.

What does floor preparation entail?

Good floor preparation is paramount to achieving a successful finished flooring result. At Insitu we can prep your concrete floor prior to concrete polishing or other floor cover treatment. Concrete polishing should not even be considered until the floor is properly prepared.

If your project is a renovation or refit, it is most important to remove all traces of previous coverings.

Insitu can remove your old floor coverings and any old fixings –and most importantly remove all traces of old adhesives. Carpet glue is one of the strongest adhesives and can be really hard to remove, and carpet tacks leave holes which will also need filling.

On lifting the old coverings, it is likely that there will be repairs to be undertaken. Some of these may include coatings removal, cleaning, preparation grinding, joint and crack repairs as well as hump removals. We use industrial grinders to remove anything sitting on the surface of the concrete. This process smoothes uneven concrete and cleans away any paint, glue, oil or other foreign matter that may be on the floor. Once the surface is clean, all cracks, chips and holes must be repaired.

Floor preparation is not recommended as a DIY job, so let Insitu take care of it for you. We have the right equipment, experience and expertise required to get the job done correctly. Insitu can prepare the largest floors, as well as smaller room by room projects. The better the floor preparation, the better your final results.

Contact us today to see how Insitu can rejuvenate your floors.

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